About Reverend Frank Amantia

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about Reverend Frank Amantia

Experience, professionalism and joy for your special day!

Reverend Frank Amantia takes great pride in making sure your wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable days in the lives of you and your loved one.

Reverend Frank is a fully licensed reverend and wedding officiant who draws great pride and happiness in bringing loving couples together in holy matrimony in front of the people they hold most dear. From large, traditional ceremonies to smaller, more casual weddings, Reverend Frank will preside over your special day with care and the utmost professionalism.

Meetings, Requirements and Honorarium
Reverend Frank requires a meeting with the happy couple to get to know them and to discuss their plans as they embark on the most meaningful vows they'll ever exchange in their lives.

A small honorarium is appreciated and will be discussed at the time of the meeting.